Gurak a tiny orcish grunt
was sent upon a mission
he was to faeries hunt
and force them in'o submission
he went into th' woods of darkness
he travelled in sleet and snow
he travelled east, he travelled wes'
but there were things he didn't know
the things he knew were many
the things he would were even more
but faeries couldn't be seen, nay!
and his feet became red and sore
he went into a safe house
he travelled to an inn
he sneaked quiet as a mouse
and the air smelled like tin
(as we all know and I hope you do
tin is the smell of magick
but now without further ado
we must go on with Gurak hears a `click┤)
startled and scared to death
our hero remembers his mentor
`when facing terror and threat
you must be still as solid ore
or even stiller yet┤
so our friend stands still
stiller than the trees he met
and he sets his iron will
but here's one thing he didn't know
magic is very tricky indeed
when thinking stone, or ice and snow
the hardness will start with your feet
terror screams as he realises
stone legs are stiff and will not run
the sounds comes closer, sounds like a beast
but with a stone mouth, words are second to none
here ends my tale, and I hope you've been taught,
cause that's why I've told it,
that faeries are tricky and cannot be caught
and that's all I have to say, sic!
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