writing in my study
i'm all alone with a flickering candle
the ink stains my sleeve and i rush

rushing to get the words down on paper
the ones in between are easy
the others...

the words get stuck in my throat
my nerves respond with horror
the pen will not move, can not move
i need to tell my story
i need to speak of things unknown

an unknown word turns in my pen
it turns into a writhing mass of syllables
makes no sense to me, makes perfect sense
unpronouncable and inconcievable

my ink starts to gibber
my paper starts to crumble beneath my fingers
shaking with fear and delusion
with absolution
with resolution

i hear them through my walls
slowly breaking inside
breaking out of my mind
breaking into my soul

i see them through the walls
as I drop my pen, spattering the floor
with ink black as my nightmares
I understand it now, it makes sense
or no sense at all, illogical logic
fantastic reality or fantasy turned real

the ink spreads on my floor
soaking the carpet through
outlining my hand, my fingers
twitching slowly in the fading light
the candle sputters, fails...

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