I walk the border
I walk the line
My feelings trap me
Leaving myself behind

Anger boils from nowhere
Everything is wrong
All I do, is futile
Just like I've feared so long

Then it comes, the sadness
Feeling empty inside
Trapped inside, closet-ness
Left with no place to hide

Emotions storm me, wreaking havoc
I freeze up inside
Freezing from my chill-shock
Eyes sting upon my hide

Staring out into nothing
Fear haunts my every thought
Thoughts bombard me, will not stop
Crash into my delicate, nggh!

I shudder, it creeps inside
I want to hide, I want to die
Afraid of death, I fear it all
And curl up into a ball

Rolling around, in anger and fear
I hold onto my feelings
Feeling for my life so dear
Searching for the odd-less meaning
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